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Anonymous # Posted on June 29, 2014 at 8:24 pm

First of all, how do you know for sure that God is a ”HE” and not a ”SHE” or an ”IT”?

Secondly, do you really believe that everything works out ”perfect” for them? From finding a good job, meeting that perfect soul mate, not having inner emotional problems, etc.?

You have friends who are very religious and they owe it all to God. Whom do you think that people who are rich, either born into a family of great wealth or hitting that lucky lotto ticket, owe it all to? God? Luck? Destiny? Chance?

I think that you are somewhat a little bit jealous of how your friend’s lives are turning out to be. And you are in ‘desperate’ search for a ‘quick fix’ that will make your life just like your friends or even better. Just because they are religious does not necessarily mean that everything will go good for them throughout their lives. I have met many people that are religious who are barely making a living. Who are living with sickness and diseases of all types. Who have lost quite a few family members and friends at once. There are also a lot of people out there that are not religious and things are going either bad, good or a little bit of both. Your focus and center of attention is being put upon God, religion, and your friend’s ”perfect lives”. Take a step back and look within yourself. This mental state that you are in, what is the cause of it? Are you depressed? Lonely? Impatient? Frustrated? Emotions plays a big part in this. That ”wanting” of something that others have by force, do you think that’s natural? Let things be and live on. Search within yourself first. Listen to yourself. Find out what YOU truly want and not what others possess. You can pray all you want but God is not gonna ”make it rain money”. There are challenges, obstacles and tests in life that one must conquer in order to grow strong. (I see it this way, from personal experience). You live, you learn and you grow not only from the outside but the inside as well.

How do I keep faith in what I believe? It’s very simple. I let things be the way they were meant to be. ACCEPT that your life isn’t always going to be perfect. Stay POSITIVE in every event no matter how bad it is. SEARCH within yourself what you really want. Live in PEACE within yourself. Let life takes its toll because when you’re stressing, getting mad, desperate, etc life keeps moving forward. It’s not gonna stop for you and assist you. Enjoy the ride cause in the end none of us makes it out alive.

Oh and another thing, the more attention you put into one thing the more that thing will consume you. If you are angry, the more you feed it the more it gets a hold of you. If you are desperate, the more you let it the more it will consume you. And the list can go on and on. The point being is that it all starts in the Mind. Keep a positive outlook in life and accept things as they happen.