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Blah # Posted on June 30, 2014 at 1:33 pm

i’ve recently started writing poetry too :D here are a few of mine…

My thoughts are clouds of energy,

That float around my brain.

They don’t belong to me.

If I own they bring me pain.

So i watch these little clouds,

As they float around my brain.

Glowing different colours,

always beautiful, never mundane.


So i watch the clouds patiently,

As I manipulate and control,

I hold these clouds in front of me,

And let their energies unfold,

I try not attach myself to feelings

for they don’t belong to me,

I simply notice the glowing colours,

So I may find what i can see.

I keep looking until i know,

if this cloud is needed or not.

If its needed then i keep it,

If its not then it gets forgot.

I take this little cloud,

filled with bad ideas and memories,

and i let it float away,

because if i don’t it will make enemies.

When i get a nice green cloud,

filled with love and lots of joy,

filled with lots of good ideas,

that i’m sure i’ll soon deploy,

then i keep that cloud inside of me,

i plant it so it may grow,

first it changes into a seed,

Then a tree that changes the status quo.


You can do the same with your thoughts,

But you’ve got to stop being a slave!

Doing what you’ve been told,

So you can get your minimum wage!

Give up your fears and hatred!

And follow me into the dark!

We don’t need candles or torches,

Because we’ve got lights inside our hearts.