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Scorpadorp # Posted on October 3, 2014 at 11:16 pm

We may not notice them, but even a tiny ant from a single hill can change the world. Here’s an untrue story about an ant who changed the world:
Anty, after receiving his state of action from his queen, set off to find food to bring back. On the way, he had a number of interactions with the world. Some dirt seemed to be in his way to his destination, so he moved it. As he crawled through an opening in the walls of the house that had been marked as containing food, a pet cat noticed him and tried to grab him (he’s a pretty big ant!). He reached the inner portions of the house safely, and began his trek up the walls to some leftover food on the table in the kitchen. He grouped up with his fellow ants, and began collecting the food. The owner of the house is out, but her kid finds the ants and decides to try to drown them! The kid places the plate that contains the food at the edge of a sink, and begins to fill the sink with water. Anty senses something sketchy about the situation and sends this signal to the other ants, and they all start scattering. The kid sees this, so she picks up the plate to ensure that not a single ant will escape. Anty, desperately looking for an opportunity to get away, climbs onto the kid’s arm, along with some other ants. The kid freaks out and drops the plate, and it shatters as it hits the floor. He then gets really mad at the ants and starts wildly swatting at the ones still climbing on him, killing a few but missing the opportunity to end Anty’s life. Anty manages to climb down and escape before the kid goes to the bath to wash the remaining skin-dwelling ants off. With food still in hand, Anty heads back to the nest, where he successfully delivers the food to his queen and heads off on his next mission of servitude.
Later on that same day, a seed falls from a tree onto the place where Anty displaced the dirt, which was outside the yard of the house, in a field. The tree, over the course of decades, grew to be of significant size. A bird with poor vision runs into this tree trying to get to her babies, and ends up unable to reach them. The family of birds die out. One of those birds would have pooped on someone’s windshield while they were driving had it lived, and that driver (this particular driver was already frustrated with his life/work) would have tried to wipe the poop off the windshield with his wipers, leaving him more frustrated because the poop now covers a larger area of the glass. This puts the driver over the top, and out of rage, he decides to bang his head into his steering wheel, which honks his horn, which freaks the person next to him on the highway out, which leads to that person veering off of his lane into the person beside him (away from the direction of the horn), causing a large pile-up. In this pile-up was someone, whom had they lived, would have helped chain events that would cause a movement that would change the world.
Now this is just the effect of a small amount of dirt being moved; more significant events happened in this story at the base that could have has even more significant effects. Of course, most of the time when tiny things like that happen it won’t change a lot until an extreme amount of time, but it is these tiny events that branched out to the significant things that we have today. Now imagine a human, who actually can understand the long term chain of events that would come of an immediate action, doing something regarding that understanding. The ant changed shit incidentally, by means of luck, but a human has the capability of changing things with a near 100% level of certainty if he/she stays persistent. We may be small, but the effects of our actions (especially in interactions with other people) can and will branch out and change everything and everyone.