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Anonymous # Posted on October 4, 2014 at 5:32 am

There is a limit between what we imagine and what we can do, but no one knows what that limit is and if one believes it’s a clear line then they are probably going to miss out on the possible growth. Science is always second hand knowledge for those who didn’t do the experiments themselves so I prefer to trust my own science of myself, in which I find more possibilities exist for what is real than what can be proven tangibly. Insight isn’t something that everyone else can validate, it’s a first hand experience of something with an understanding of it’s nature so it can always seem to be a projection to someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves.

I didn’t really need an anatomy lesson and if you promote independent thought I find it hypocritical to demean a thought with the word silly. When people let the knowledge of what’s happening physiologically leave the mind for a second and come into what it feels like, it’s mysterious and hopeful creating the “spiritual” experience which I would also call self exploration, silly thoughts and all. It actually has more security in it than labeling what’s happening with words that people have made up.

It is dangerous to believe your imagination if the ideas planted are from someone else’s agenda. I think that gives imagination a bad reputation though. I’ll always have an image of Jesus in my mind bc it’s how I was conditioned as a child but I don’t think I should deny my intuitions, even if they can’t be proven by a scientific institution and integrated into humanity’s idea of reality.