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Anonymous # Posted on October 4, 2014 at 6:05 pm

Love can indeed become a feeling, but it must be true love to start; true love = unconditional love. The only True Love, is Unconditional Love. Let us get a clear understanding of unconditional love through an example of unconditional “Giving”. This will help simplify what is meant by, “Unconditional”.

So it’s a beautiful summer day, happily married and with a darling 2 year old daughter it is the big day. Today you will be taking her to Disneyland for her second birthday. Your loving wife and you have planned the trip for a year, you both picked out the cutest dress you could possibly find, and for only $100 it was a bargain compared to how much the trip cost.

So there you are, daughter dressed in her finest dress, wife bubbling over in excitement, and you, all prepared for the funnest day of your daughter’s young life yet. The first thing she sees after you enter Disneyland is the Ice creme center, and without hesitation she makes a b line for it. (Now comes the critical moment) So you have the ice creme there, its a warm sunny day, daughters in the new dress, wife ecstatic like a child, what do you do? Do you bend down on one knee and tell your precious daughter to just, “Get up in it”? Because that would be true, unconditional “giving” – or do you tell her, “OK honey, you can have this BUT………” and attach a condition.

It’s like if you gave to me a motorcycle and no longer than an hour later I sold it for $500, would you be butt hurt? Because if you are butt hurt than you did not give me the motorcycle in complete, in whole, without condition. Instead you gave me something that you still had a personal interest in, and giving like this will spell all types of disastrous trouble.

This helps us see that when something is truly given unconditionally, that it can never harm you. It is what makes unconditional love so powerful and impenetrable.

These stories also help us to see how money plays a vital role in the dysfunction of all that we’ve become. It is as if a reverse engineering of behavioral conditioning must be done. We’ve seem to have forgotten the truly important things in life, the things that cry out to our hearts, that push the threshold of our minds, and that makes deepest our souls. I’d like to get back to that place, would you? Be Brave.