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Manimal # Posted on October 4, 2014 at 7:33 pm

It’s easier to call fallacies, than to think “Hey, what if this is true? I should look that up!”
That’s the difference between a believer and one who understands.

The thing about the eye, well technically it’s the optical nerve and hypothalamus that are responsible, but using words like that in a place like this does not make a whole lot of sense since most people wouldn’t understand what it means.
The “light” we see near death and in some dreamy states is just a symptom to lack of visual input.

I did not make any claims about consciousness, when you act like I did that’s just highlighting that your reading comprehension is a bit lacking.
As for exploring consciousness, that’s not what this is. Dreams are not consciousness. Consciousness is what explores, not what’s being explored.