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Annie M # Posted on October 5, 2014 at 5:17 am

Hi Andy, I stopped 3.5 weeks ago and found using Emotional Freedom Technique and stop smoking meditations on YouTube. I’ve been trying to tackle the emotional attachment to smoking and viewing it as splitting up with an abusive partner who you love but will eventually kill you. On day 2 of stopping I had a massive clear out and washed anything that smelt of smoke which helped keep me busy. I used a bead necklace thing to twizzle in my hands to keep them busy. The EFT cycle is very helpful as it takes about the same time as smoking a roll up and text support from friends when you have cravings. I ain’t gonna lie, it’s hard and I’m having trouble sleeping but the further away you get from having that last smoke, the more you have to lose by lighting up. Good luck! Oh, it may help to think of the smoking industry as corporate drug dealers making you sick for profit, making you pay for health care and pay for champix/ecigs etc. Whatever works eh