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Manimal # Posted on October 5, 2014 at 2:35 pm

It is a clear line, but it would be foolish to try and make a claim where that line is drawn. We don’t know yet, but it is there somewhere. And we can reach this line in our lives, we do it often, but it’s a very very long line and we can’t be sure it’s a straight one.

Real science can be always be repeated. If it can’t be repeated, it isn’t scientific. Yeah it’s easy to just read or writes something and call it science, but that’s not what determines if something is scientific. And there is no agenda to real science. The only goal is understanding.

The problem with our inner experiences is that we can rarely tell the difference between insight and bullshit. And it’s even harder to tell if a thought or feeling is really one’s own, or just a trace of someone else’s bullshit, and whether said bullshit is just their misunderstanding or an intentional lie. In the latter case, there’s also the dilemma over whether their intention was good or bad, or whether there was an intention at all.

You’re doing just as much labelling with imagery and words when you look inward as you do when you look outward. You’re just as influenced by other things in either direction. And that’s not the whole thing, whether we’re looking inward or outward our perspective is also stained by our own silly beliefs.

I’m not the machine you seem to think I am. I am a dreamer, I’ve always been into mythology and fantasies and all sorts of far-fetched ideas and creativity. I have billions of silly thoughts at each and every moment, and I thoroughly enjoy that. Balance is essential though… and where there are hard facts, imagination is just redundant and stupid. There are so many other great things to ponder and imagine, wasting that on things where one is already proven objectively wrong really sucks.

Intuition is not something to trust, it’s just guesswork, it’s like a botched instinct that doesn’t really work. Trusting your gut is often a good way to go, but it is always a gamble.