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Jimmy # Posted on October 6, 2014 at 12:14 pm

One important point to talk about would be how technology seems to make us all more connected, with social media, e-mail, video chats, etc. However, I and many others believe that it’s a false sense of connection and actually takes away from real, quality social interaction. This can lead to people feeling more lonely than they used to, more disconnected even though their internet selves has over 500 “friends” on Facebook and their posts receive a greater amount of “likes” than average.

It may sound like I’m opposed to social media, but I’m actually for it, only not in the excess amount that most people in developed societies are using it. The truth is, you cannot replicate real human to human contact and interaction, not even in video chats. Even in Skype you cant see the persons little details of emotion, body language, and you cannot touch them or feel their complete presence. And the more time one is spending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or what have you, the less time they are actually having human contact the way that helps us feel the most fulfilled.

Everything is so fast-paced in the tech world – sometimes it’s hard for the brain to keep up with all of it. I think a good point to make is that people should at least take day breaks where they either cut off their laptops and t.v.’s and get outside to enjoy the sun and outdoors for a bit. Technology is keeping people indoors more than ever, as well. Studies have shown that people, in general, get a boost in mood from just being outside for a few hours.

Anyway, just my two cents! It should be a fun paper to write, have fun :)