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sian # Posted on October 8, 2014 at 4:21 am

Well the practical solution is to follow in California’s footsteps and attach cameras to the police. But that’s obviously too easy. Whilst stop and searches and my interaction with police has increased here, the weapon mentally isn’t an issue, the most they can do is try and get a rise out of you through verbal interaction. It’s usually just pretty funny. So they tend to follow people in their cars waiting for them to fuck up.

But I couldn’t let someone else’s pathetic behaviour effect how I live my life. Sure I have moments where I’m just fucking confused, and feel useless against the million and one things in this world that seem so detached from the way I view the world. No point in taking anything personally though. Everything that’s happening in the world right now is due to everything that has been before. We don’t understand time correctly though because we insist on using worlds like old within our own miniscule existence. We are a tiny spark. Some sparks create great fires though.

To be free from this kind of thing is all in the attitude.