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jjj # Posted on October 8, 2014 at 6:21 pm

Yes definitely. I’m not really conscious of the media’s influence on me, other than movies, where I may want to emulate a character.
Otherwise.. Hmm..
Let me explore my psyche for you.

Right.. So a couple years ago I was into this kind of PUA thing, which is basically HOW TO BE ATTRACTIVE TO GIRLS.

And it really did work but I was attracting girls that didn’t like me for me.
So, in that phase, I was really feeling like girls wanted a man who had everything together, who was super masculine, never had had a gay experience, had a huge penis, could give them multiple orgasms, was DOMINANT as fuck…
Never. ever, feminine.

I realised there was something wrong when I had 2 relationships that were like mirror images of each other.

Now, I feel like I am more able to express my flexible, receptive, female side.
I recently told a girl that I had had sexual contact with another dude (in a sort of effort to test her resolve and scare her off) and she was actually still attracted to me!
Then went on to have a really amazing night….. First one night stand of my life loool.

So now, I’m feeling like, from personal experience, that actually, I can just be myself.. Whoever that is.. Be it a young boy who is still exploring every inch of his personal psyche + body, to the young man with fire in his eyes looking for a chance to test his mettle… the girlie side who likes to caress and lick and touch and stare…. and whatever else. The female side is much harder to encapsulate since it’s so deep!

There you go.
Spilled my thoughts out for you, unadultered.

This is all quite a recent discovery by the way. :)

Tell me what you make of this.