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usandima # Posted on October 9, 2014 at 1:10 am

very painful body sensations whilst watching how your mind reacts – not how the body is – although almost certainly your mind will get drawn into watching the pain – don’t believe the mind – bear with the pain and don’t move and you will see that the more you do this, the thoughts and the pain will change – it does take some doing and maybe much better to get on a meditation retreat – but after 17 years of meditation, I went on an intensive retreat in Burma where you had to sit long hours and with excrutiating pain – and if you can keep it up and develop concentration then the anger and frustrations of life do go – they said the best way is to do full lotus sitting which is really full of agony …… but whilst their is a price to pay, the results are really amazing …having explored a lot of this over the years, I really feel this is the best way – Theinngu meditation – now their intensive retreats are not open to westerners but they may take you on a 10 day retreat in yangon ? …..or go to one of the many retreat centres in Burma – and immerse yourself – of itself the anger wont just go and in my experience of doing lots of retreats without keeping up the practice the ‘roots ‘ just grow …go for it ..what have you to lose and the results are so good.
with best wishes and hoping you find peace of mind