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Baron Wright # Posted on October 9, 2014 at 9:49 am

I believe the best quote and philosophy that tackles the never ending desperate question of who and what we are states “I think therefore I am.” Renè Descartes first procaimed this is the 1600s when the great philosophical question was asked about whether or not we were awake and living at the moment or if this reality is actually some dream we conjured up and are actually currently sleeping. This statement has kept me up late at night trying to understand its full meaning and it can be thought of in many ways. It states that the mere fact that we question our existence proves that we do in fact exist. Or maybe it means that simply because we are thinking we are living creatures. It could also just mean that how we think determines how we act and perceive our world “I think this way therefore I see the world this way.” However you decide it means to you its always a good point to consider whenever you find yourself questioning existing