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Matt # Posted on October 9, 2014 at 1:00 pm

wow summer, i get your point on that. totally makes sense. i’m not a man’s man tho. i don’t feel the pressure about these stuff. i am unemotional, i find it hard to communicate with the opposite sex, i might be too bold sometimes, most times i’m a jerk. but i’m pressured by the irony of the media against the idealism about a man in a relationship. we have to be understanding, considerate, patient. we try our best, but we’re always distracted. i wish girls would just stop the clues and mind games. i really appreciate people who speak their minds in the most frank way possible – honest and direct. we find it hard to express our feelings because the chemistry of our body is different. our hormones don’t perform well in emotion. but we know how to listen. and guys appreciate girls who tell what they really mean.