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Eric # Posted on October 10, 2014 at 3:00 am

A bit of a tangent, got slightly off-topic… but bare with me.

A settled and yet nomadic lifestyle is very possible and I do see it in the future as the norm (although right now it is also very possible by saving for a few years, selling all you got, then buying a plane ticket and never going back, in which I attend to do eventually). If we were to live in small, tight, organized, 100% sustainable, self-sufficient, self-governed, communities that are all connected on a global scale, this could easily happen. This is our future, and if it is not, we will most likely have gone extinct. What I described above is very broad and could be done in an infinite number of ways. They could be any number of sizes and be done in infinite ways. We need to head towards a communal, sustainable, organic style of living, today. This can be done. Look at Burning Man. Basically, an entire city or large-scale village is created out in the middle of the desert. Imagine this on a lush green farm, smaller the size by a bit, with all up to date sustainable technology at hand. Your 9-5 business job that is paying the bills and fueling this facade of a system will be replaced by loving, feeding, and growing with a tribe of people, that is in-return connected to the entire web of communities world-wide. Instead, we spend most of our time going to a job to obtain money in which we need to live (shelter, food, etc). If these things are already met and will continue to be, why go to a job? Why obtain money? Going to our jobs today is helping fuel this economic system that is currently working against a majority of humans on this planet. Of course, we all have to do it until these communities are put in place, but in reality, if we were all fed up enough and had the discipline to do so, we could build these communities in a week. This is assuming a vast majority of people help with this process.

Capitalism is a necessary step into the world we all know is possible deep down. However, we are slipping. We are on a sinking ship and instead of jumping off and swimming to safet, we’re all frozen out of fear and/or hypnotized into the idea that the ship isn’t even sinking at all. But it is. It’s sinking fast and it is taking as many species and forests as it can with it. All we have to do is have faith, take the leap, and swim to the island that’s been waiting for us.

Or wait for it to sink and deal with the shit that goes down from that..