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jjj # Posted on October 10, 2014 at 4:02 pm

Oh shit. When I read it like that, I can see how that’s potentially difficult to understand.

I guess I’m talking about kinda stereotypical male things to do, or probably more to the point, things that GENERALLY might be considered not ‘ladylike’

I think you have your own versions of these, so for me to say my own ideas might be wrong cos I’ll affect your answer..

I guess for me, as a dude, my tendencies, that I’d call more feminine that are hard-ish to not be a little self conscious about, are how I stand or sit sometimes, if my hands are flapping around a little gayish.. For instance something a little like this

Do you get what I mean?

It might be even easier to imagine it by thinking about what lesbians do.. Like a stereotypical one that you might laugh about with your friends, and if you ever do any things that from your perspective remind you a little of that kinda behaviour.