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Brian Chaos # Posted on October 10, 2014 at 5:16 pm

I think some of the confusion of my original intention stems from how I used the word “share”

I didn’t mean share in the sense that I can break you off a piece of the Master Key and give it to you, I wish I could but in my experience such an effort is futile.

I meant it in the sense that I am looking for someone who has found their Master Key and we would share in the sense of form a bond. So, I’m not looking to teach anybody anything. You are all students in your own right and many of you are doing great. I’m looking for the student who is ready to graduate from this specific form of learning.

I don’t know if such a person exists on this site. The only way I could possibly know is to put up this thread, keep it going for as long as possible and see if it turns up any results, which is exactly what I am doing.

Skepticism is healthy, you should be skeptical of me. But, even if I degrade into the most despicable creature on Earth tomorrow, that wouldn’t change the fact that if I have said anything that is Truth it will remain Truth.

You are asking me about “challenges” and what I mean when I say: “it is only through those real challenges that we can enhance ourselves.”

This site is filled with plenty of examples of such challenges.

Here are a few:
1. Challenging our notions of consciousness by doing something that will temporarily alter our minds and then reflecting upon what we have learned about our minds and applying it toward a practical end.
2. Attempting to accomplish something that we deeply desire, but currently believe is beyond our capacity and talent
3. Eliminating a negative habit or influence in our lives which we know doesn’t serve our benefit, but allows us a sense of safety and security and facing all the necessary pain and struggle that comes with the separation process.
4. Allowing ourselves to believe in something that we were previously skeptical of and attempting to apply our new faith toward a definite end.
5. Conceiving of a higher physical form or more vibrant personality for ourselves and making definite efforts towards attaining it.

These are a few concrete examples. I think this site is all about these type of challenges, but there is an inertia which is apparent on this very thread which is limiting some of the members of this site from going the extra mile and fully completing some of their challenges. This is a natural, normal thing, and often the only way to overcome it is through sheer determination and a burning desire to transcend whatever the limits are that one is facing.

There isn’t some kind of special wisdom I possess, everything I know can be found in studying the lives of the people in the list I mentioned. It can be found studying a small portion of that list. It can be found not studying the lives of anyone on the list and only studying something as specific as the American Chinese Food Industry or cloud formation patterns or the qualities of laughter that different girls possess. It doesn’t matter what you study, it only matters how you study it.

The Truth exists universally in everything so if you look deep enough at grains of sand on the beach you will discover the same Truth that exists by studying the teachings of Jesus.

However, because of our human limitations, it is most convenient and realistic to study the lives of great people to understand how to be great yourself and how to live the fullest richest life you can.

I am still only beginning on my path toward the fully realizing the greatness in me, which by the way is the same greatness that also exists in you. But, I have reached the point in my journey where I am making an intensive search to find others who have reached the point where I am.
I am doing this for two reasons:

1. It’s lonely otherwise
2. We progress much faster if we work in harmony with one another