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Brian Chaos # Posted on October 10, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Thank you for very thoughtful reply.

Many of the things you’ve said are probably right.

Let me respond to each individually.

1. There are people who have posted in this very thread who have discovered their own master keys

As I said to @BeyondEarth, “For all I know you are practicing genius as thoroughly Edison and Da Vinci combined!” Certainly the rec that @kjbaran gave me is a clear demonstration that there are people on here on a very high level. I absolutely wouldn’t doubt it if you said that you have found your Master Key.

My initial question in the thread was essentially “Who here has found their Master Key?”

However, the main reason I doubt you have or that anyone who has posted on here has is because everyone thus far has put forth some level of skepticism and a notion that there is no such thing as “Master Key.” Considering that a major portion of the master key involves having faith and firmly tested assurance that you do indeed possess it, I find it unlikely such replies are coming from people who have reached that level (@kjbaran is perhaps an exception). How far off each of you are I don’t know? As I said to @BeyondEarth he doesn’t seem like he lacking knowledge, but it’s definitely about more than knowledge. This isn’t a PhD we’re talking about here.

2. Speaking like Jesus or Lao Tzu won’t get you there

I agree 100%, but how high a level and how individuated a level do you understand the meaning of things they said?

3. My loneliness is my own problem

Yes I agree with this 100%. The path to the top is always a lonely one, and as far as I can tell at the top it can be the loneliest of all.

4. I think this site is people repeating shit over and over again.

I definitely do not think that. I think this site is a great place to discover new ideas and communicate with others who are higher minded than the average. But, are you going to debate me on the fact that much of it is indefinite in its purpose and there is a lot of aimlessness and even pessimism about the meaning of life and the true potential of each and every one of us.

And I don’t even fault it for that. I still think its great, but at a certain point you know certain things are true and the search becomes more of a mission and that is the point I’ve reached. I have many goals and aspirations that I hope to achieve in my life, I am particularly focused on one at the moment and it is through my struggle with this goal (which is still yet achieved) that I have been forced to disregard impractical metaphysical notions and figure out what type of thinking really works to allow the human being to thrive.

5. This site is a venting ground and I’m expecting too much in looking for a perfect fit

Well if its a venting ground, or a sketchbook for exploratory thought then there is nothing wrong with that. No matter how high a level you get one needs to wrestle and play with the ideas that are still unclear, so anything at a higher level than this site if it were not a bullshit cult would still contain the same sort of stream of consciousness, Socratic dialogue dynamic.

As for me finding a “perfect fit” that is actually exactly what I know exists out there. It may not be exactly how I imagine it to be, but there is someone out there who would understand me and be able to communicate and connect with me on the level I desire. If I am truly on the highest of highest metaphysical levels this “person” would potentially need to manifest in spiritual form through my own consciousness but I seriously doubt I am on that high a level and I really think there is a living person out there who gets it.