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Brian Chaos # Posted on October 11, 2014 at 4:55 pm

I think there are three choices really:

1. The path toward higher levels
2. The hamster wheel of society
3. The path to decay

The first is the hardest but the most rewarding, it is was Jesus refers to as the “narrow road.”

The second is what most people do and it’s fairly easy, but the rewards are predictable and minimal.

The third is living in a dysfunctional state. Often this type of life is composed of short highs followed by long crashes ultimately spiraling down toward existential oblivion. Other times it is defined by the slow onset of disease and conflict.

A mistake people commonly make, especially in the neo-platonic and gnostic traditions is that somehow the higher path is non-materialistic while the lower path is purely carnal.

This is a misconception, all paths have a material and spiritual component. The degree to which one wants to express themselves materially or in a non-material way is entirely up to them, but it follows from the principle of moderation that to be in the higher path at all one must have at least some expression of self in body, mind and soul, while it is conceivable for someone in the path of decay to be completely obsessed with one while ignoring the other two.