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Zach Rauchwarg # Posted on October 14, 2014 at 1:14 pm

I feel like I used to be in a similar situation last year. I haven’t done any psychedelics but I do smoke weed (I don’t consider weed a psychedelic). Social anxiety is something I’ve had a lot of problems with, and the key for me was meditation. That’s my reset. Not quite sure if you’ve tried it, but I would highly recommend it. Since I’ve been out of my rut, I don’t get as many random anxious thoughts, but they always come back every now and then. I just think of it as thoughts that are being brought into my head due to the situation I’m in, therefore I change the situation: leave the room, change the conversation, listen to my favorite song, mediate, etc. BUT marijuana has always given me anxious thought. Whenever I’m high, I know I will have anxious thoughts, so I’ve accepted it and will usually remove myself if I’m too uncomfortable around the people I smoked with. As far as the hard truths you’re realizing about yourself; I learned to not only accept those truths about myself through meditating, but learned to love those thing . They’re what make me unique and who I am! You can take your opinion of some of your traits but don’t overlook what makes you special. And last thing, do whatever to make yourself happy, by whatever means. Happiness is one of the most essential things to leading a good life. Smile, it looks good on you :)