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JonH # Posted on October 14, 2014 at 6:37 pm

More? No. Equally? Perhaps.

I think the issue with men is physical strength and confidence, two things which (more or less) can be learned.

For women, however, often the idealism pressure is unobtainable – a physical appearance that is only accessible to <1% of the female population. Large boobs, a nice butt, beautiful eyes, a specific type of hair, and, of course (in this decade at least) a 0 waist size.

For guys, just get a gym membership, and look at youtube videos on how to be confident. Voila, you’re in! OF course getting He-man ripped isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s not physically impossible for 99% of our gender.

The real problem here isn’t whether something is obtainable or not, of course. The real problem is the idealism of a gender. That everyone must look a certain way, act a certain way, have certain things, and hold certain opinions. There are sub-groups of course, but every male strives to be a Brad Pitt when young and every woman strives to be a Barbie or some other bullshit. (Given you’re white).

Eventually the impossibilities of these are obvious and we diverge. Some of us will choose to be comical, some of us will choose to be nice, some mean and bitchy, etc. We are SO fucking influenced by media. The level of influence reaches far beyond gender roles, and straight into the core of being a human being, even being an animal.

Be shocked by this, laugh at that, hate this, eat that. Take away all media and our entire vocabulary would change, our interactions would change, everything would change. Relationships would be completely different, everything would be.

Movies, television, books, these are all ‘rules’ set in place to describe how humans act. But it isn’t how we SHOULD act, it’s a very tiny sliver of how we CAN act. In most cases this is quite unfortunate. This creates the physical manifestation of a world conscious momentum. We are driven on the momentum of what we learn in these movies, in these fictional renditions of reality. That momentum is enough to spur wars, create the dark ages, conjure religions, enact genocide, build cities, go to the moon, wear fucking crocs.

It’s a ridiculous thing to think about – our entire culture is built on a momentum of fictional renditions of what it means to be human.