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Thunderfeet # Posted on October 14, 2014 at 9:09 pm

My biggest insight/lesson this weekend came from overcoming my fear, it wasn’t anything to out of the ordinary and I’ve know for a while that my fear shouldn’t have any control over me but this was one of the first times were I’ve made an effort to do something that I was terrified and nervous about despite the fear.
What happened was that I saw a girl I like when I was getting a sub before I went to work, she was in line in front of me and I got so nervous when I realized it was her. I repeatedly thought the Litany against fear from Frank Herbert’s novel Dune then when she was waiting to pay and I had already picked my veggies I said Hey. we talked for a few minutes then she sat down with her food. I already felt incredible just from stepping out of my comfort zone to talk to her but I wasn’t done there. Before I left I went over and asked if she would like to get a cup of coffee sometime, this was huge for me but after already overcoming my fear and talking to her in the line I felt unstoppable. She has a boyfriend which was a little disappointing but I didn’t focus on that, instead I took the situation as it was and went on my way. It was incredible. The rest of the day I would break out into a huge grin when I ever I thought about it.
I guess to summarize the whole situation into an applicable insight would be like this, Once you embrace fear it has no power over you. It gave me such an amazing feeling knowing that I did something that I was terrified of, and it has given me more confidence to attempt other things that might be scary or uncomfortable.
Anyways I’m not sure if that was what you were looking for in regards to lessons or insights, I just really wanted to share my experience because it feels like it is going to have a profound affect on who I grow into in the near future.