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Ray # Posted on October 15, 2014 at 12:59 pm

I understand the view that most things are relative.

But I also believe there are certain truths that are not relative such as I pointed out. (I would say they extend to all life forms, not just humanity as well, though this does not mean they are universally enforced).

Are we torturing animals by using them as a food source? Perhaps. But domesticated livestock (at least on small scale farms) also benefit from the arrangement. Protection from predators, disease, a regular food supply, constant companionship with their fellow creatures. (Of course factory farming is a far different story).

So its my view that there are core behaviors that are evil, regardless of the relative nature of the culture, time period, species… I would say the converse is also true. There are core behaviors that are good: protecting life, avoiding physical harm to life, freedom of expression/choice…