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cosmically~conscious # Posted on October 18, 2014 at 8:33 pm

This is an interesting thought, and my dad and I talk about this a lot in regards to slavery.

Say there was a time way back when when all conscious minds deemed slavery itself as acceptable. Of course there would have been good and bad faces to slavery (like everything else in the world)…owners treating their slaves poorly which in itself is not good or on the other hand treating them as a family member with respect but still regarding them as property of some sorts. If everyone in this time accepted this idea of human property, no conscious mind regarded human ownership as inherently evil, was slavery itself still evil?

It’s easy for us to say yes, it was, because the idea of individual freedom has become so essential to us… to them, not so much. Is morality relative–an opinion based on the people of it’s time–or is morality absolute? My father and I wonder at this because the very idea of morality did not exist until human consciousness itself came into the universe, which has been expanding ever since it began.