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MonkeyZazu # Posted on March 15, 2015 at 12:49 am

During this past week I had a few dreams, but only wrote down two. Became semi-lucid in one of them, by that I mean the dream become really vivid, but I didn’t become aware that I was dreaming.

Something cool happened. I experienced a little precognition. In one of my dreams, I was driving around in the first car I ever got, but it was fixed up and decked out in new stuff. I pulled into a parking lot to check out all the new gadgets. In the middle of my dash board there was camera equipment for viewing things in front and behind the car. It was fascinating because the monitor to view the camera was some type of headset device, kinda similar to an oculus rift a little, but more flat. During the next day, in waking life, I went to an interview and the guy took me on a tour of the resort in his car. Right on top of his dashboard was a monitor for his rear view camera…. weird.

My goal for this coming up week is to at the very least write down one dream upon waking, no more waiting til later.