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danisurya # Posted on March 16, 2015 at 6:31 am

if I may add something: the yin and yang symbol is absoultely beautiful. it really shows that love (white) is contained as a dot in the abyss (black). and on the other hand the abyss( black) is contained as a dot in love (white). its not about demonizing the one because it carries the seed of love in it. we are just so attached to our mental picture of perfection and beauty and how things should be (conscious individuals for instance, a better world), that we can never see directly to that which is. we are projecting the abyss, we are projecting the love. work harder on yourself (and not to blame any substances), but leave away those substances. Substances are strong and they just increase the tendency of the mind to produce and flourish. while in reality we are here to escape the mind, and not get lost in it. to come to the point where mind is not playing its games on you. when we come to see the origin of the mind. for that you need to regain control of the mind, and all that is necessery is your willpower your consciousness. do not rely on external factors. none can find himself that way, because the doubt remains : the mind knows that this plant or substance was necessery to find yourself. even if you think you found yourself, it was induced externally. it did not come about by consciousness itself. therefore you cannot see the smaller more subtle and more important parts of the minds, which in reality are much simpler than symbolic experiences on any trip. Lastly I strongly believe that we are in no way able to get forward in this way as I see it happening nowadays – trying to achieve conscious levels with pressure with a feeling of having to get there, to get enlightened and to reach. This is the biggest hurdle and it is no wonder to see such misery even among sincere seekers. you cannot find by seeking. it finds you. and you need patience to accept your current state. that is the only weapon we have. patience and remaining conscious. it may seem like nothing, because mind always looks for something specia, this experience that experience. in relality its the most powerful spiritual weapon (if you may want to call it that way), to bring about real change in you. silence, patience and consciousness. drop the rest. I think you are on the good way , when you say i have come to respect the abyss as it is. Thats perfect. no more struggle, no more effort. live consciously and pariently. change will come by itself, it always comes byitself. you are not do a thing.