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SD67 # Posted on March 21, 2015 at 8:34 pm

Nice. 1993, Just CrissCrossing the states.. I believe were in Northern New Mexico. We made some friends and they directed us to a near by state forest, more like a dessert to a punk from the Pa. Appalachian my. area. We had a large fire going before sunset. We had been warned about cold nights.
Our new friends offered us a beautiful gift of magnificent, real, honest to God, Peyote Buttons. There would be no dinner and we iced the beers to save for the next day. Warm peyote tea and water would provide all the nutrition needed.
The sun began to set and my eyes played tricks before we even started to prepare our treat. From that night on I do my best to observe the sky as often as I could……. and the sun wasn’t even all the way down.
Soon the tea was steeping…. I could feel my guides waiting and still not a drug in my system. There was no moon and the stars began to appear. We sipped and watched. I knew the stars were always better in the county but never could I have imagined. It was better than looking through a telescope, and still no Dr…..Wait, wait…. BOOM!!!!!
What happened next will stay with me for life, with me.
My daughter starts college in the fall. Summer of 16? Well, my hope is Joshua Tree with my lil girl and maybe some of those buttons or shrooms. Sounds nice? It could only be better if my wife decides to finally give it a try… Poor girl is always stressed and she doesn’t care much for weed. She will take a Valium now and again, (yuk) but that’s it.
I never realized how bad light pollution was until a few years later…. Visiting the Outer Banks I was expecting a similar sky. Someone had told me they had laws concerning outside night lighting. It was beautiful but not even close to NM.
I say all street lights GONE!