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Mad Hat Matt # Posted on March 31, 2015 at 9:06 am

buddy my man dude. Stick to plants they won’t hurt you physically. If you are ADD and you want to concentrate better i suggest still mind, herbal and works proper, otherwise as always i advocate weed on a daily basis see if you stress about ANYTHING after a couple puff’s i haven’t been hyper in about 8 years and i smoke a joint each day. but if your doing this just for the high, ask yourself why? and don’t roll your eyes im not saying “think about what you are doing” im saying sit down, clear your mind, focus on the beating of your heart let all your thoughts go (it can be done :) ) and then concentrating on your heart, you must imagine it beating away, ask yourself “why do I want to get high?”

reply with your findings or even just to chune me off, i don’t mind anything to help you out man.
Much love brother keep on keeping on!