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Tanuja # Posted on April 5, 2015 at 6:02 am

Talking to strangers isn’t really a big deal for me. Sometimes if the frequency matches we become friends however most of the times it’s quiet awkward the way they react even after a good 5-10 min conversation they just dont mellow somehow eventually becoming acquiescences. I have met crazy interesting people this way but this is all past. Its been one and a half year that I care less about talking to people. I’m not sure what that is, but I’m really withdrawn and detached from society, with no interest in talking to people. Heck, a lot of time, talking to people is a big pretense anyway, or a waste of time. Engaging in converstaion takes a lot out of me. On the other hand, some people require great effort not to talk. When I do speak, it’s either much too serious or not serious at all. Like there’s no middle ground. A lot of the time my words don’t even make sense to me. It feels like a lot of people aren’t sure where I’m coming from. My thoughts jump around a lot. Pretty nonlinear. This social anxiety is weird I have never been this way I agree this is just overthinking but I feel good this way plus, I dont want to loose my social life regaining it is easy but my intensions aren’t stable. I like both modes- this anxiety and the previous socializing mode its just, now I can’t talk wholeday long just for the sake of socializing and even if I manage to juggle both modes I feel that I am missing the essence. Guys, if anyone have been through this then please be free to share your thoughts rest of you are most welcome with their suggestions, if any.