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Mike Wuest # Posted on April 5, 2015 at 9:14 pm

Some humans are internally motivated. Unfortunately, most are externally motivated.

I think it’s important to define these terms as well. Internal motivation to me is doing things because they bring you enjoyment or satisfaction. External motivation is doing things because of fear of threat or anticipation of a future reward. External motivation has nothing to do with your own desires, and in a sense, you are being controlled and manipulated by forces external to yourself. Internally motivated individuals do not care so much about rewards, but what feels right to them. They have an internal compass that guides their life, instead of being guided by a proverbial carrot on a string. Internal motivation isn’t based on a desire to be famous, successful, rich, powerful, etc. It’s also not done to be seen as a martyr or humanitarian. It’s not done for any logical reason, but more based on feeling and intuition and instinct.

I think the reason that most people are externally motivated is because of our conditioning in society. The only way to have social control is to have a population who does things to propagate the system they are in. And if there were no threats or rewards to do so, people would not obey because to be a “fully functioning member of society” is really a soul crushing thing. In order to get along in society and be “fully functioning,” you have to be indoctrinated into the system. This is done by administering threats of punishment when someone disobeys the rules, and administering rewards when someone obeys. By the time this “education” process is completed, it is usually internalized by the individual, and they completely lose their ability to do anything based on internal motivation in adulthood. All of their actions become completely based on incentives of money, status, or fear of punishment, and they become prisoners of the culture as a consequence.