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Caitlyn # Posted on April 5, 2015 at 10:20 pm

I believe humans are yes, internally motivated. We have always heard that little voice when we know we have to get up out of bed. The blankets are just so warm, and you’re so tired, just 10 more minutes. Maybe 20. But seriously, we eventually end up getting up and alive for the day. Another example is when you dream of things beyond yourself at a certain point in time. (possibly an actress, singer, famous dancer, guitar player, etc.) who you want to be like, or reach an achievement they have met. But you can also argue, that as well as you can motivate yourself and set your mind to anything, you get up out of bed because you have responsibilities; therefore reason be you get up is because you have people to see, places to be, and things to do. So technically, others are motivating you. An inspirational quote can motivate you, a really great novel, an awesome movie. But I believe in the end you motivate yourself just as much as others do you. The two work together. You can get motivated, but you’re internal motivation matters in the end to accomplish your goal. An overweight person can say “I want to lose weight.” Work out occasionally when they get feel like it, and eat how they’re suppose to for that one meal. But at the end of the day, you yourself have to set your mind to something, or failure is inevitable, you can’t half-heartedly do something and expect the full result.