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TheAppetizer # Posted on April 6, 2015 at 1:13 pm

right i mean its still amazes me how often duality comes up in spirituality and in science. Duality in light for is both a a wave and a particle. Could it be said that humans are wave and particles as well? our waves being our consciousness and the particles our physical body? Perhaps to reach the speed of light our bodies would somehow need to merge with our consciousness haha i might just be spewing random stuff but this is almost making sense in my head. and if what viner said is true,( that we would need to be without mass to reach the speed of light) than maybe we need to transcend our physical bodies and just become a consciousness (wave). And yea i heard about that warp drive youre talking about, it compresses the space in front and expands the space behind resulting in almost near speeds of light. I also head somewhere (not sure if this is true) that the speed of light fluctuates and that because we set the speed of light at a constant (c=speed of light) that our thermos of space time could be all wrong. Thoughts?