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Justin St. John # Posted on May 26, 2016 at 12:41 am

Howzit jb,
Thank you for opening this discussion. I’ve recently discovered a deep connection with someone, intimate and deeper than any other. I lost her when a 4hr layover in Honolulu was spent and she would move home for the summer. All of this in the same day…Brutal. (holy sh*t! Jordan Bates? I’ve followed you for sometime on ig and he! Dig your style brother…Keep it up!) anyway, yeah trusting the flow, that all things come and go in divine timing. I’m already looking forward to meeting her again, in this life and in others. Oh how purely magical it is, and always will be… Aside from missing a physical connection, I guess I’m struggling with celebrating our recent discovery with the distance that exist between us currently. Is it possible for one to feel that connection alone? In all things? Putting all faith in the Divine to keep this fire burning until the wind blows us back together again… She is the Goddess that sets me free… The Light that guides me home…
Warmest Aloha,