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Cam # Posted on May 27, 2016 at 8:43 am

Hey JB,

I’m going trhough some really thought time in my life right now. I lost a full scholarship for volleyball from a really good university and now I’m back in my parents house. An year and a half ago my father was on some medications that made him lost his temper and hit me (pretty hard and a lot) twice. I already did forgive him a long time ago, but I can’t forget it. This hunts me every day and I got depressed and think about killing myself every day for the last year. I cry myself to sleep everyday. I have arguments with my family everyday. My family never helped me to get trhough what happen, they just wanted me to forgive my dad. And I did. But I couldn’t look him in the eyes for almost a year and I’m still struggling with letting him touch me. I feel like everyone in this house hates. I feel like I’m a monster.