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J Fox # Posted on May 29, 2016 at 4:05 pm

<p style=”line-height: 21.7px;”>jb, <p style=”line-height: 21.7px;”>Suffering is the illusory plight of human existence. If your actions and life choices are coming from the heart and done in presence, awareness, and acceptance, then suffering will cease to exist. If your mentioned “life choices” are choices coming from this place of presence, then it is your loved one who is not “present.” This is by no means a bad thing, simply something that they haven’t learned how to do yet. However, awareness is contagious; if you are fully living in the Now, then the people around you have a very hard time remaining ignorant. <p style=”line-height: 21.7px;”>Any heartache or break or confusion can be fully resolved with complete and utter acceptance. The moment you bring to light any fears or worries, the moment they can be viewed upon in their true form: love. Sounds corny, I know, but just dwell on it for a bit. Also, don’t ever be hesitant to embrace love. Even if you really do still love your last partner, don’t fight that love. Accept it. Accept accept accept. Only then will you feel truly free to pursue love in other ways, people, and places.  <p style=”line-height: 21.7px;”>I could go much more in depth with this philosophy but I’ll leave you with this XD