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Kyljys # Posted on June 2, 2016 at 7:39 am

Unfinished love, a confession that has been long awaited. Afraid that I might be too late. Someone knows how I feel, but I have been unable to show it truly.

I’m hopeful, but since I don’t know how she thinks or feels, I’m trembling over the fact that maybe she wants to reconcile – or maybe she just wants to forget. And I can’t think about anything else, since this ”confession” has been building up over a year – over several years, if you count the time I still hung out with her.

I lived inside a shell, which I broke out of. Took me a year of solitude and living away from everything I know. And now there’s only one thing standing between my release and I, and that’s my first and only love, which I never got an answer to.

I’m scared, but hopeful.