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Adamous92 # Posted on June 6, 2016 at 12:40 am

I get made fun of my lifestyle every single day (being vegan, eating fruits and vegetables, don’t drive, ride my bike everywhere and doing theatre). I struggle getting out of bed after I wake up. I struggle with my emotions when I try to meet new people.I struggle telling people how I feel. I struggle showing my true self to my family. I struggle talking to people who I perceive to be better than I am. I struggle with attention, I just don’t know where to focus sometimes. I struggle with my mind, telling me I’m never good enough. I just struggle man. I struggling is a big part of life. Wort every single ounce of my energy though. Makes me feel so alive and struck so much in me that I deliberately make myself struggle so that when I go through it, I know I will be stronger than before. 

And can’t complain too. I have it easy.