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David Lynch # Posted on June 6, 2016 at 12:47 pm

jb, I was a facilitator for a few years at a personal growth workshop that was held one weekend each month. They were very intense. People processed through the gamut of human emotion during the course of each weekend. People experienced many breakthroughs and insights.

One of the most common was when a member of a couple realized that left-over feelings and attachments from a previous relationship were keeping that person from fulling being in his/her current relationship.

You may find yourself holding back with your new love interest because you have not yet fully let go of your previous partner. We each have a finite amount of energy to give to the people in our lives each day. Energy devoted to someone from our past, even in thought, can diminish what we have to give to the people who are in our lives today.

No judgements here – relationships are a process. But I thought I’d mention this dynamic so you could be aware of it.