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Will # Posted on June 8, 2016 at 2:26 pm

I think that “destiny” or “God’s plan” is the same thing as “reality,” only where “reality” normally refers to the present, “destiny”/”God’s plan” refers to the future.

The trouble with this question is that the future isn’t real. “The Future” is just an idea; it never really exists, because of course, tomorrow never comes. It may be a useful idea to talk about, but it isn’t a REAL idea. The only moment that ever really exists is Now.
So “destiny”/”God’s plan” is based on this idea of a “The Future” which doesn’t exist in reality.

Accordingly, when people talk about “destiny” or “God’s plan”, they generally mean “something over which we have no control.” Consequently, you can talk about destiny or God’s plan all you like, but these are the weakest kinds of symbols, because they have no basis in the present reality. The point of all this being that it doesn’t do anyone much good to worry about “destiny” or “God’s plan” in this kind of fatalistic sense of being some force which is incredibly more powerful than ourselves.

Techniques like visualization allow you to work on accomplishing a task in the present, which really exists; therefore, the practice of visualization is able to accomplish something. You spent those 20 minutes a day DOING ideas of “having good grades and perfect skin … and confidence.” By visualizing, you aren’t merely daydreaming or just thinking about how nice it would be IF ONLY YOU WERE this or that; instead, you are actually BEING the very “this or that” upon which you’re focused.
In this way, through the act of visualizing, you make a conscious expression of who you are to the Universe, and the Universe, as always, will reflect it back to you – this is the meaning of what some people call the Law of Attraction. Therefore what you visualize becomes reality because, in the act of visualizing, you literally make it reality. You may say, “well, it’s not a reality until it actually HAPPENS,” but to that I would ask you, hasn’t it happened already? I would argue that, the moment you visualize it, it IS HAPPENING – it’s as real as anything else going on. Now when you stop visualizing and go on about your life, others may disagree with you if you say, “it happened this morning that for about 10 minutes I had good grades, perfect skin, and confidence,” but their disagreement is only their opinion. And, as the old adage goes, “haters gonna hate.”
That said, you have to pay attention to the other natural laws. You could visualize life as a bumblebee all you want; the Universe will probably not shrink you or make you grow wings etc.
So where to draw the line as to what’s possible? That’s entirely up to you. Push the boundaries; see how far-out you can get; find out just how much you can do: that’s the sort of game we’re playing here.