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Romi # Posted on June 19, 2016 at 10:47 am

Hi, I know exactly these feelings of missing the point.
What helped me was going abroad. I went studying to the new country, far away from home, where nobody knew me, nobody judged me and I could be myself. Then you start appreciating small things, I enjoyed the cup of coffee, the sunny day, just good song on the radio or whatever. The happiness comes so easy, when you are surrounded by unknown. If you have any chance to travel, or change your environment, do that! However, I must admit that returning back is not easy, it´s difficult to deal with bringing your “new yourself” to old environment; difficult but not impossible :)

Well, and about being single I do not have much advice as I´m single too, and struggling sometimes as well. I guess we should practice self-love, be honest and gentle to ourselves, take your time to make up your mind before you meet somebody; so then you can tell your prince I don´t need you but I want you :))) 

Much Love,