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Imogen # Posted on June 19, 2016 at 2:53 pm

So, I dont know if my advice will mean much to you but I wanna tell you what I would do, cus like you said, any advice is welcome! The truth is that for a little while, you will feel void and hollow. However if you can tell yourself and beleive that you yourself alone are all you need whilst you dont have a partner, that you and your confidence and everything else that makes up you as a person does not depend on anyone else, then i believe you will feel more fulfilled. The fact that you don’t feel as though you can rely upon yourself right now for support, says that your struggling in yourself and not just in your break up. Address this, and you’ll attract people that see your self sufficiency. Its great to be in a relationship, its very sad if that relationship is ended either by you or your significant other, but look back on what you’ve learnt, and all the great times and feel secure in the knowledge that you have grown. You have grown, you are here and she is still there, and she has grown too. Try not to feel guilty but happy that dead roots and an insecure relationship has ended. That you are both free and eventually good will come. You will find love again and so will she, i assure you 100%.