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Blankh # Posted on June 20, 2016 at 2:30 am

These fantasy moments remind me of an active daydreaming imagination I myself have. Though mine do not end in sexual immersion, I do certainly see how it could happen. Obsession is something very intriguing and I’m not sure about the nature of it, all I can do is throw half-baked theories at you. In terms of immediate efficiency, you should see the potential of another thought or a non-daydream activity. I remember, well I still do now, day dreaming about my near death constantly from a 3rd person’s perspective. Whether it be an attempted beheading, or a gunshot, or a falling, etc. so I would hope I would know how to act and escape when my body was physically destroyed as well as my psyche that is telling me: WHY IS DEATH SO CLOSE?! Also in these daydreams, something valuable to me was at stake such as a family member or any loved one. I couldn’t give up this obsession easily because I always felt there was something more to understand or learn from playing out this thought experiment. I’m not sure if yours is cut from the same vine, but I defenitely suggest really contemplating your desire trying to understand it and truely believe that there is potential, if not greater potential, of learning, understanding given another type of daydream or activity. I guess its important to weed out the habits to see things on a easier playing field. And if you feel the utilitarian approach is in having these daydreams, then so be it. But maybe once again after there is no intuitive desire in the first place? There’s your half-baked theory lol. So yeah, I would say actively try to stop till there is no intuitive effort. In terms of your level of immersion, your fine. Hell I just fell into a 24″ monitor for the last 2 hours. So in terms of normality, I also do play out the actions and often the dialogue, so I guess its normal. But is it the wisest activity, have no idea.