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Jack # Posted on December 7, 2020 at 6:35 am

I seem to suffer from the same condition… It feels most of the time like I’m “living ahead” of myself, as if another ‘me’ precedes me in time…. This makes for some weird occurrences; “I know this place” “I HAVE been here before!”  “This will happen next… Like clockwork things did happen…Even the man I married fits into this, as goes for the places I moved to and the pets we owned!!

Some say it’s a form of predestination… you’re walking a path in life of which you already know the outcome. It might even feel like you’re being re├»ncarnated. But actually you’re not… People seem familiar to you even though you have never met them before… Pets are familiar… Heck even school and later life is so friggin’ familiar it might freak one out at times…! Almost like you’re in some parrallel universe…