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Manimal # Posted on December 14, 2011 at 12:18 am

Why would it bother me? And how? It’s got nothing to do with me, and it’s nothing I can change. In fact, I like it. We’re different, there’s nothing wrong or bad about that. That’s where all the romance and sexiness comes from. The law of polarity, opposites attract.

What you value in men and women is for you to decide, does it matter what others value? I think even this question itself is a good example of this.

If I want to give advice to girls then yes I will give those pieces of advice. But I will also remind them to listen to their core. The masculine and feminine “modes” of thinking are both great and should be balanced, but women will always lean more toward the feminine and men toward the masculine, and this is how it should be. Men and women are different at the core. And since I’m not a woman, I’m not really one to be giving girls advice on how to improve, because I lack the experience.

Man and woman are the most well-adapted animals on the planet. Their biggest strentgth is in their differences. Just look at male and female human bodies, they’re both pretty much perfect, but for different things. We’re different, don’t hate these “made up gender roles” or this “dark reality of the genders.” Embrace it, be proud of being a woman and not a man.

There are situations for neutrality and there are situations for full polarity, and there are situations for somewhere in between. There are situations for reverse polarity as well. Just go with the flow, and you can be a wide spectrum.