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Manimal # Posted on December 14, 2011 at 12:33 am

@Rachel Not really. First of all, the calorie stuff isn’t accurate. The nutrients (and bad stuff) in those calories matter a lot more than the calories themselves. Second of all, losing that many calories is as simple as not eating. There’s nothing dangerous about not eating for a couple of days, or not eating a lot, in fact it can be very beneficial to most people. People eat do damn much. I eat less than the recommended daily intake and I’m big and muscular. The calorie stuff is mostly bullshit, believe it or not.

5 lbs in a week isn’t hard. It’s pretty easy, and I’m not talking about losing water but actual fat. Gaining that much in muscle in the same amount of time isn’t hard either. People try to make health stuff seem so damn hard but in reality it’s ridiculously simple and easy.