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Lunisol # Posted on December 14, 2011 at 5:51 am

I’ve never really understood that about vegans.. I get not eating meat, but whats wrong with eggs and milk? Those are naturally produced by the animals and absolutely nothing is harmed in the making of milk or eggs. But to each his/her own I suppose..

Anyways, I’m getting my degree in Horticulture and we’re focusing on sustainable agriculture, so although I’m just starting (and am by no means an expert) I will gladly share any info I’ve learned so far. A lot of the problem is the fact that everything has gone ‘green’ in the form of dollar signs, not eco-friendly and sustainability. Everything here in the states is mass produced and literally processed to be so similar to the point its all genetically identical. A big pusher in this direction was the McDonalds Corp. in the 50’s or 60’s when they wanted all their hamburgers to taste exactly the same. thats when they created a lot of the processing ideas they use today.
If you really want to help, dont just buy and eat locally, help grow and produce locally too! Even a small 1 sq.ft. garden space can produce more than you’d think it would, especially if you manage the way you use that space.

A good movie on the subject is Food INC.