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Rachel # Posted on December 14, 2011 at 1:19 pm

@Bird: “If men have stronger bodies, why do women live longer?”

Heard a theory that the longitivity gap was due to greater stresses on males due to the fact that they tended to work full time jobs and women didn’t, and that the longitivity gap has actually been closing in recent years due to more equal employment patterns. Can’t remember where I read that study, though, so I throw it out as an idea and not necessarily a fact I am vouching for.

, I think we are agreeing more than we are disagreeing on this, actually. I am just hesitant to use absolutes about how men and women *are* because it seems limiting. What we believe to be true greatly limits what we are capable of. And what we believe to be true is largely a social construct. It is therefore hard to disentangle the biological/physical from the social when considering human behavior.