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Manimal # Posted on December 14, 2011 at 1:24 pm

@daveb and birdflyinghigh

That’s personality stuff, ego stuff, mind stuff. I’m talking core stuff, men and women. You’re talking persons. Something that is added on top of the core man or woman. You can tweak this a lot, doesn’t change the nature of male and female though.

Yeah I guess I didn’t think it through when I said humans are more different. Birds and fish and insects are usually very different, in colors and details. But look at the proportions of the humans. Like the size of a woman’s breasts, this is large compared to pretty much any animal except cows and such. While men don’t have any such thing. And compare the hormone levels, and their physical results, like muscles and hair. This difference is huge in humans.

And again, that stuff about music schools is situational and personal stuff. It’s got nothing to do with the nature of man and woman.

[[there are tons of creative men…]]

Yes, personality stuff. And like I already said a couple of times, both genders are both masculine and feminine. You can’t be only one of them, it’s literally impossible. And again I repeat, the personality hasn’t got much to do with the nature of male and female. Also, this is a different type of creativity than what I was talking about.

You’re very right about society having favoured works created by men.

[[If men have stronger bodies, why do women live longer?]]
Do they really? Or is it just a case of situational factors? I’d like to see scientific proof of this. And it seems like most of the really long-lived people on earth were male. I may be wrong though.