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daveb # Posted on December 14, 2011 at 2:06 pm

I think we’re getting close to the heart of this question, which is harkening back to nature v. nurture. how much of our physical structure and behavioral tendencies are an expression of genetic code, and how much is product of choice and situation/chance. genotype/phenotype if you will, which I did conflate a bit in my post. but the two are linked and can’t be separated, completely.

the question of “how much do the bell curves” overlap is interesting on both counts. there are ranges of hormone production in both men and women that are expressed via physiology *and* behavior – we can’t unlink behavior and physiology as much as we’d like to.

admittedly I am throwing shit at the wall right now so I am looking forward to debunking and elaborating, I have a couple of meetings but will be back in a few hours.