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Mica # Posted on December 14, 2011 at 7:43 pm

We do show that we love each other everyday, we always have fun with each other, see I wasn’t a person to like anyone before and wouldn’t get myself involved with no one but then I meet him and things changed, he was the first person I liked and i was going to turn 18 in a few months, and he said I was the first girl he liked as well but he had been in other relationships because he was too nice to say no and they maybe lasted a week. He is my first boy friend now fiancee . I do admit I am insecure because I think I have no right to think I am better than anyone, so I guess in a way I have low self esteem. No matter how many people tell me i am a nice, great, caring,loyal, pretty/beautiful I find my self not believing it. Also, i have trust issues because of my past, i let go mainly all my past but it still comes over me here and there. I love my fiancee with all my heart and don’t want to loose him and I know he loves me. I understand I need to stop being over protective because it makes him feel bad knowing that I sometimes don’t trust him when he has proven countless times that I should, so it just mainly deals with my past. Me and him always act like kids together and others look at us weird for it but that’s just who we are and we aren’t afraid to show everyone how much we care for each other and that nothing can break us, but I fear that my over protectiveness may be the cause of us going to break apart.